The mobile pavilion system for sports facilities
Technological innovation and experience have created the ROLL IMPIANTI mobile pavilion system for sports facilities, which makes it possible to maximise your investment, guaranteeing that the system can be used during every season of the year, also in the case of continuously changing weather conditions.

With the ROLL IMPIANTI mobile pavilion system, a covered system, featuring the best characteristics of a fixed structure (thermal and acoustic insulation, air conditioning, lighting), can be transformed in a few minutes into an open air system, with the possibility of also using the areas surrounding the structure.

The ROLL IMPIANTI system, used mostly for swimming facilities, fully satisfies the requirements of end users, who have declared its success by frequenting the many facilities, some of which are very large, that have been in operation for more than 40 years all over Italy.

The systems are designed and built to last over time, created for the well-being of competitive swimmers at all levels, supported by intelligent economic investment programs that are profitable for private and public entities.

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